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This piece is meant to make you control yourself, alter your thinking, and delete the negativity.

The Northern White Rhino was once my favorite animal growing up, but due to the fact that humans aka poachers couldn't comprehend the consequences of their actions. Not being able to control the greed in themselves that made them hurt and kill such a majestic creature. I wish they would've altered their thinking and realize that their actions resulted in the extinction of the Northern White Rhino.

It is something we can all do, control our emotions instead of lashing out when something may bother you. Alter your thoughts, maybe by taking that first step into that new business venture you've always dreamed of, instead of being afraid to fail, be afraid to never try. Delete those negative thoughts and attitudes, it's time to get hate out of our systems and society. I believe there is a possible future where we can strive to be better people.

Oil and acrylic with plaster on 36” x 48” inch canvas 



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